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For the most affordable rates on quality photography and camera services, look no further than the experienced professionals at L B Wheaton. We outservice camera repair services. Make sure to take advantage of our 10-day satisfaction guarantee on all video transfers!


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Photography services we offer include:

  • Professional lab services

  • Video transfer - VHS to DVD transfers

  • Digital media recovery

  • Online ordering for prints and greeting cards

  • Passport photos

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repairs for your camera:


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"As everyone I know already knows, I refuse to print anywhere else but Wheatons. Prices are fair but not expensive. Quality is much much better then the cheap print-ers at the Drug store. I'm not saying this for any other reason than it's the truth. As a photographer, it's nice to have a place that makes my shots look better than I had seen them on a screen." -Alex


"My mother insists on printing photos at drug stores for speed, but when compared to the ones from LB Wheaton (which do not take longer) the color in the drug store pictures is always off. I use the online upload and go pick up the pictures the next day and I am always satisfied!" -Lisa


"Friendly staff and quality is 100 times better then Printing at Walmart or a drugstore."-Linda


"I send ALL of my wedding clients to LB Wheatons. The printing is done in house, by people that care about the final result. It makes all the difference in the world!" -Erika

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